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A great idea turned into practical & beautiful solution

The charity Hang on Hangers was founded in 2010 by Annika Jonasson and currently employs 22 women in the vast slum area of Klong Toey’s ”Jet Sip Rai” in Bangkok, Thailand.

Besides unimaginable poverty, where many homes lack even the most basic sanitary facilities, this part of Bangkok is also where drug abuse, organized crime and domestic violence are part of everyday life.

For many of the women and single mothers – often with no education or any employment opportunities – life here can be extremely tough.

The idea behind Hang on Hangers is to offer women and single mothers the opportunity to work from their homes.

Developing the idea

Hang on Hangers founder, Annika Jonasson, has lived in Bangkok since the early 2000s.
– It all started with an everyday problem and a seemingly obvious solution. I couldn’t get my summer dresses to stay on their hangers.

So, I asked myself, what if you could wrap them with a fabric so the clothes didn’t slide off the hangers? And what if I used a fabric that looked so nice, it became an elegant addition to the home’s interior decor?

Innovative concept

Since Annika was already engaged in several charitable projects in Bangkok’s slum area, she soon came up with an innovative concept; give women and single mothers the opportunity to create the hangers in the safety of their homes – and pay them a fair rate for each hanger they made.

This was the very inception of Hang on Hangers in its current form, a charity project based on the principles of fair trade.

Annika Jonasson,
– As the concept evolved into reality, I became determined to offer a both beautiful and practical product that could be used by people all over the world.

Jobs for the poor

All proceeds from Hang on Hangers are distributed to the women that create hangers for the project. Some have children with disabilities and the profits also cover their daily need for food, medical and dental care as well as school tuition. Hang on Hangers also supports other charitable projects in Bangkok’s slum area, Jet Sip Rai.

For kids and their parents

The durable steel hangers in gorgeous fabrics are available in two different sizes. One large hanger for adult garments and the popular smaller version, which is suitable for children’s clothes.

– We sell primarily to friends of Hang on Hangers that want to help us distribute the hangers by purchasing them at our online shop here on the website. We also sell some of our hangers to clothes stores and hotels.

Customers really appreciate the practical benefits our hangers provide and that they – through their purchase – contribute to the project, says Annika.

While many of the patterns we use to decorate the hangers have become really popular among our customers, our goal is to always stay relevant by creating new collections.

Four years after starting the project, Annika is still noticeably enthusiastic and determined to continue developing new products that provide a sustainable source of income for the people living in the slums of Jet Sip Rai in Bangkok.

For more information, please contact Hang on Hangers:

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