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Moew And Lek

Mini loans

Do you recognize Lek? She has appeared several times on my own blog 50 + in Bangkok. A few years ago I offered her to learn to make hangers but it was then that she struggled with breast cancer and could not work at all. Now she has shown interest again and she often comes to galgstudion. We’ve not had need of more women who make the hangers we would like those who are already working with us will have the opportunity to make as many hangers so it gives them a full FTE (if they wish) before we take in new women.

But with Lek, it is a bit special, so now practicing Moew her up and we keep our fingers crossed that the orders should romp in as she also may start making hangers. Until then, she has gotten a small loan of us to be able to start up his dormant detergent production again. read 50ibkk

Lek was overwhelmed when we suggested that we could help her get started with her detergent production. It is often so amazingly small means but for those who do not have income or friends to borrow from it sometimes feels impossible.

Now she has received a loan/grant. half is a contribution from HoH and the other half to be paid back in one year. We want to Play good luck:)

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