New year filled with new challenges


New year filled with new challenges …. the biggest challenge for me is to blog more actively, both here on this blog but also on my private blog 50 + in Bangkok.

I have completely come out of me, know that this sets off so much negative energy within me … because I still haven’t put any time to learn how things work in the computer world. But there are so many who heard of him and wondered why I didn’t continue to share with you what’s happening in the slums …….. it feels heartening:) so I try again.

Greatest challenge to Hang on is to find new ways to increase the production a notch to as those women who are already working with us and that we can continue in the future to offer more of a job. I believe in social media when it comes to finding new markets but feel I need someone who can help me with that bit. To find a bigger and better premises also feels that a high priority … There is so much we could improve if we had more space. (so much so that’s enough for a separate blog post)   One of the last arrangements we made was to invite to a real Christmas party … with Santa and everything.

In 2009 there were a total of nearly 50 children who came and everyone walked away with a package under his arm and a big smile on his face. … Along with Mom’s Kitchen ... a catering firm in our neighborhood, Back to the Roots, a group for adoptees who want to find their roots in Thailand, we got coffee, candy bags, Christmas gifts and juldisco we invited bade the children we already have contact with gm Hang On but also others that they, in turn, got the bid.


After such a nice evening, it felt good to take Christmas off. Interview with Claus … block and pen and many issues got the plot of this girl who went in for their task properly. Wasana and Fon wanted to of course be with ….. FON got jättefina clothes in his package, I can reveal. Play …. who once helped us make scarves when we had Knitting café in the slums, came with her grandson who has much trouble of epilepsy and can rarely be on something fun. I met them a few days ago again and he had not talked about anything other than the Christmas party for several weeks, told my grandmother. a previously unknown mom with her son …. come and got both Christmas and gift cards and so and and straight … which really had taken the Christmas theme in all seriousness and dressed in Santa Claus red. … wonder how many chocolate balls that slipped down in the little belly?



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